Rate : 1.300
BXD : 1.340
Date : 27 Nov 2021
Currency Name : British Pounds
Currency Code : GBP
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Amana Express has developed a comprehensive anti-money laundering and terrorist financing programme to comply fully with all relevant rules and regulations. All Amana agents are made aware of the importance of maintaining comprehensive anti-money laundering procedures lay out in our AML manual. All our agents are required to implement and maintain the comprehensive anti-money laundering processes lay out in our AML manual. The purpose of the manual is to make sure that Amana agents and staff comply with local rules and regulations and apply best practice international anti-money laundering procedures to ensure that they: • Understand the mechanics and methods of anti-money laundering procedures fully • Are aware of the company’s anti-money laundering policies and procedures • Are aware of the their legal obligations in their dealings with customers • Are alert to suspicious transactions • Report suspicious transactions according to set procedures • Retain appropriate records for the required period